I’d buy a book with this cover! Would you?!

It’s kind of a dream of mine to do comic covers. Especially comic covers for Marvel, where all my favorite childhood heroes live. So the plan is to practice doing just that. Taking existing books, looking at the content and story and also doing some guesswork as to what the direction for the cover would be and then simply attacking it as if it were my assignment.

So to be clear, this is not official in any way, and I’m not correcting the covers that were already done, but rather just offering my take on them. 

That being said I figured why not start with my all-time favorite hero Spider-Man and tackle his recent #1 cover. I have a smiling Peter with mask off in similar fashion to Humberto Ramos’ original cover. This wasn’t due to laziness or lack of creativity, but since this is the triumphant return of Peter Parker to Amazing Spider-Man I am assuming featuring the character was part of the original direction.

This was lots of fun! The next one I try (whatever that may be) will hopefully depart further from the original.

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Esad Ribic is a master of using lighting and perspective.

My favorite one is the first image. He only fully rendered a few parts of Thor’s left arm, Mjolnir, his mouth, and his nose. The rest is just suggested by the crosshatched shading.

I look at Esad’s work and I see a lot of echoes from the great illustrators of the Turn of the Century (1900-1901) and the Golden Age of Comics.

This guy is GOOD. I found these convention sketches on:
Yeah. These are sketches. Not fully finished works.
Like a said, he’s good.

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